Employee Wellness

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in an Employee Wellness Fair at a well-respected law firm here in London, Ontario. Staff had the opportunity to meet with me one-on-one for twenty minutes and experience a non-invasive stressor test for their choice of either common allergenic foods or common environmental/household toxins. This Wellness Fair was a wonderful way for employees to discover new ways to empower their health and I enjoyed introducing them to the BioEnergetic Rebalancing (BIE) modality.

It goes without saying that a Healthy Employee is more motivated, more productive, and more engaged. BIE has many applications beyond simply helping your colleagues manage their allergy symptoms, and can help with hormone imbalances, alleviating pain, boosting immunity, and much more! If you or your employer are hosting an Employee Wellness Fair in the future, I would be happy to attend and/or discuss how your staff can benefit from BIE.

Yours in health~


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