Has Spring Sprung?

As a health professional whose business tends to increase dramatically with the onset of seasonal allergies, I am well aware of when spring has “sprung” each year. The change in weather brings new plant growth and development which sends some people on a tailspin of wheezing, itchy eyes and even migraines.

But for the average person, waiting for that magical “March 21st” doesn’t always signify that it’s spring.  Here are five silly ways to know that it has truly sprung:

1. The menu at Starbucks changes from “steaming maple lattes” to “citrusy green tea refreshers”.

2. Ten degree weather suddenly means seeing folks outside wearing shorts and t-shirts. (Hm, that same ten degree weather in October made them invest in Canada Goose winter jackets…)

3. The serial offenders are back at it, chipping their driveway’s ice and hard snow away and throwing it directly into the street.

4. Friends are calling you up to borrow your wet/dry vac because their basement flooded from the melting snow. That same sudden flux of water and puddles takes credit for the hilarious “splashings” that vehicles accidentally cause to pedestrians.

And finally,

5. Your week’s groceries mysteriously shift from stewing beef and hearty root vegetables, to mixed greens and light smoothies. As the weather warms up I encourage you to listen to your body and give it all the delicious fruits and veggies that it will undoubtedly ask for.


This winter has been long and challenging so a new season comes much anticipated. Be sure to enjoy our spring this year and be sure to contact me if alleviation from the symptoms of seasonal allergies would help that enjoyment!

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