Appointment Preparation (MUST READ)

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Pricing and length of appointment;

If you are coming for your first appointment, 90 minutes will be set aside to complete the intake process. In the intake you will be guided through a brief questionnaire with Alla regarding your symptoms, as well as 1-2 environmental allergy category “muscle-testing questionnaires” of your choice. These can be found at
The price for an intake is $95 (tax included)



If you have already seen Alla and are coming back to get more work done, 60 minutes will be set aside. The price for a follow-up session is $60 (tax included)


Going over the time limit will result in $10 per 5 minutes so please be organized with questions and concerns during your session.


Accepted methods of payments are; 

Cash, MasterCard and Visa. Debit is not accepted.


Being Late or Absent for an appointment

If you are late for an appointment, your appointment will still end at the same scheduled end time. If you do not show up for an appointment, you will still be billed accordingly.

Rescheduling an appointment

If for what ever reason you need to reschedule an appointment, please provide AT LEAST 24 hours notice. If you provide less than 24 hours, without reasonable circumstances you will still be billed.


Where do I go to see Alla? And where do I park?

Alla’s office is located at 320 Wortley Road, at the corner of Wortley Rd and Windsor Ave; the side entrance of the Life Assessment Systems building.

Free parking is available near the corner or Wortley Rd and Windsor Ave.

What Should I bring?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of TANGIBLE things you can bring with you to your appointment;

  • Cloths or fabrics you suspect or know you are sensitive/allergic to

  • Foods/Drinks you suspect or know you are sensitive/allergic to (during consumption)

  • Supplements/Prescription medication you are taking or would like to be taking AND/OR you suspect or know you are sensitive/allergic to,

  • Oils/Body care/Skin Care you use or want to be using AND/OR you suspect or know you are sensitive/allergic to,

  • Any animal fur you suspect or know you are sensitive/allergic to;
    (Alla usually suggests using tape and collecting both hair and dander from the rear leg where there is a better chance of getting skin cells as well as hair. You can bring it in a small baggie or reusable container.)

NOTE: If you can’t bring certain things in for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Alla has the necessary supplies at her office, however, for the absolute BEST results, it helps to have the suspect food or substance with you.

Here is a list of information it helps to have handy with you during the appointment;

  • Current and past medications and/or nutritional supplments (What worked, what didn’t)

  • Long-lasting or noteworthy illnesses since childhood; acute or chronic

  • Your top 5 symptoms or corncrns that disrupt your daily life

  • Known irritants to your body; pollen, wheat, mould, etc.

  • Foods/substances you want to be able to reintroduct to the body

DISCLAIMER: This information is NOT for diagnostic purposes. This can simply help Alla get an idea of why your body might be reacting to certain things. This can help Alla understand how to coach you properly to hopefully be free of certain allergies in the long-term.